About Zadar

Zadar is the small capital of North Dalmatia, with its old town being a good rival to Dubrovnik. A very ancient town, standing on an almost-isle with much of the old town walls still intact. There are many remarkable quarters and monuments to discover. In the Roman quarter you'll find a Forum and the Church of St. Donat, an impressive building built by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine in the 9th century AD.

There are many other ancient beautiful churches in Zadar, particularly noteworthy being the Cathedral of St. Anastasia built in the 12th century which has a ravishing facade in the Tuscan style. Another place of interest, among many, is Petra Zoranica Square, where, on the little square, there are five wells covering an immense cistern that a long time ago supplied the town with water. The large white flag stones in the squares and streets, where local peasants and lace makers sell their produce, shine so brightly in the sun that the light is a little unreal.

Now take a walk along the Kresimira IV strand, the western quay. The tree lined waterfront promenade has wonderful picnic spots. It was here that Alfred Hitchcock once remarked that Zadar's sunsets were among the worlds finest. This adds even more magic to this superb town.

At the end of the Western Quay is Zadar's newest feature, the Sea Organ. This unusual organ is powered by the wind and the sea. When the sea pushes air through the whistles, a series of melancholy chords are played, with the sound emerging through the perforated stone stairs. You have to hear it to believe it!!

No words can describe one towns beauty, you'll understand when you see it...Welcome to Zadar!

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